Apply for RocketFuel scholarship


If you’re curious, determined & want to make the first steps in IT, but don’t have money to learn the required skills, apply now!


Requirements for applying

★ You need to be fluent in English.

★ You have to be willing to work your ass off to learn the skills and grow your expertise. Learning = hard work.

★ You must commit to supporting others & giving back in a similar fashion once you become successful. 

★ You're a resident of Estonia or Ukraine.

★ You're at least 13 years old.

★ You need to submit the application below together with a maximum three minute video where you share how you will use the scholarship to make an impact.

Application deadline: OCTOBER 30, 2018

Campaign rules

By submitting the application for RocketFuel scholarship you understand & agree that your information will be shared with third parties for the purpose of selecting the scholarship winners. Your name, age and video may be shared across LIFT99 social media channels. Scholarship agreement is made between the Impact Maker and the selected candidate in a format agreed between the two parties. LIFT99 is not responsible for monetary distributions of the RocketFuel scholarships. Scholarships are distributed directly by the Impact Makers by the basis of imbursement of selected courses until the scholarship amount of €1000 is fully used.