Founders2Founders is an exclusive invite-only event series bringing together the high-level founders who want to grow through sharing experiences and know-how with other ambitious founders.


F2F community

Launched in 2017 by LIFT99’s core team and its founder Ragnar Sass, the Founders2Founders event series unites the experienced founders who share similar values and a passion towards building their startup. We know that each founder journey is unique, but that doesn’t necessarily mean inventing bicycles - there’s lots to learn from each other!

Founders2Founders is based on the simple fact that startups have a much higher chance to succeed when their founders can make informed decisions. All F2F network members have valuable lessons to share from their road towards building great companies. The more concrete, the more valuable they can be to another founder. Our high-quality community is a powerhouse of founders’ skills, know-how, and experiences.


We believe that audience engagement at our events is as important as the choice of a speaker. That’s why the speakers, as well as the audience, are handpicked for each event, based on their background, niche, and current challenges, to cater for meaningful conversations, insights and future partnerships.

The hour-long conversation is always followed by networking and drinks. On a few occasions, we’ve taken the networking 10 steps deeper by organizing roundtable discussions among founders, formed around their most burning challenges. All to offer real value and actionable insights.

F2F is held monthly in the hottest rising startup cities across Europe. We’ve previously been in places like Kyiv, Prague, Warssav, Budapest, Bucharest, and of course - Tallinn. Stay tuned for more info, or better yet - get in touch!