Founders2Founders is an exclusive invite-only event series with a circle of founders who want to grow through sharing experiences and know-how with other ambitious founders.


Founders2Founders is an event-series for highly-selected group where you can share the real challenges you are facing, the real wins you are celebrating - without worrying it’s going to be a trending Tweet tomorrow. Founders2founders is fueled by word-of-mouth referrals, a highly selected audience and speakers and a relaxed but trusting environment. The speakers are hand-picked to inspire and educate through their personal successes and failures. 

Each event is an hour-long conversation between an invited speaker and a host, followed by networking and drinks. It's the place to create valuable connections and get hands-on insights from successful founders, innovators and investors who share their lessons learned on the road on building great companies.

We believe the audience engagement at our events to be just as important as our speaker. Therefore the audience is selected carefully choosing participants from a wide variety of backgrounds to cater for meaningful conversations, future partnerships, shared ideas and insights.




F2F Tallinn with Markus Villig

June 20 @ 6PM


F2F Budapest with Markus Villig

June 21 @ 6PM

F2F Kyiv with Markus Villig

June 22 @ 6PM