LIFT99 Tallinn Hub is looking for
a Unicorn Shepherd

We are looking for an ultimate people person who is interested in creating new connections. Not just for themselves but among others as well. Somebody who sees potential in everyone; whose priority is to make people happy and keep them motivated. Somebody who helps them experience success but also challenge themselves by initiating new conversations and finding their hidden skills before they even know about them. We are looking for our Unicorn Shepherd aka LIFT99 Tallinn Hub Community Manager.


Your maiN TASKS:

  • Onboarding. Managing the onboarding process and the journey towards becoming a LIFT99 Tallinn Hub member.

  • Community building and growth. Finding out the needed scope, providing trainings, and mapping the expectations of the members and their personal growth.

  • Connecting. Initiating communication and connections between our members (there is lots of freedom for creativity here, but execution skills are crucial). Making matches between the communities of Tallinn and Ukraine (and beyond).

  • Creating relationships. Building trust, doing meaningful 1-1s, figuring out someone’s motivations, as well as professional and personal aspirations. (And then proposing how we can take action).

  • Social media. That's just inevitable. We have so much happening in our community and so many awesome members that it’s a shame not to share.


  • Startup world know-how. Besides free coffee and snacks, you're really into all the startup topics in Tallinn and beyond. You already know the useful folks. And what’s missing from this field. ;)

  • Team player soul & independent mind. Cooperation is the key to success, but we’re not babysitters.  

  • Good communication skills. This job is all about communication.

  • Cheerful personality. There’s already one famous Grumpy Cat, we don’t need another one.

  • Good digital literacy. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters and blog posts too. Plus beginner’s video editing and photoshop skills. We like to do it all.

  • Great Estonian & English. Russian and any other language is always a bonus.

  • Outgoing personality. We expect enough confidence and stage charm that you could speak on the stage, and lead community events and workshops.


About Lift99

LIFT99 is an exclusive community connecting A+ founders across the world. Our community includes members with founder mentality, experienced entrepreneurs, and passionate creators across all fields sharing common values of challenging the norm, giving back and staying curious.

LIFT99 is an international company with the HQ in Tallinn, Estonia.


You should also be: helpful, organized, proactive, empathetic, and approachable; passionate about entrepreneurship and technology; ready for action, and embracing surprises. And last but not least, a dog lover.

You will be surrounded by amazingly crazy people (and dogs!), innovative (and sometimes provocative) ideas, and delicious food places around (Telliskivi is a pretty neat location for an office). This is a full-time job, based in Tallinn.


Is it you we’re looking for?

Please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to
and add a few sentences about why you think we’re a good match.

Deadline? ASAP