LIFT99 Tallinn Hub is looking for a
Manager of Unmissable Events

Ever had FOMO? Then you know what we’re talking about. We’re looking for an Event Manager with the drive, motivation, and crazy amounts of out-of-the-box ideas to bring our events to a cosmic level. So people would book their calendars, book their friend’s calendars, book their dog-sitter’s calendars, and generally do just about anything not to miss out an evening in LIFT99, whatever the occasion.


Your maiN TASKS:

  • Everything related to events. Organizing events takes a thousand tiny (and big!) tasks. Instead of listing them all we are looking for a match in attitude - in our world, challenges are nothing but opportunities; embracing opportunities is the best way to create something truly unique and discover a better version of yourself. Agreed?

  • Social Media. Social media is the modern tool of choice for creating FOMO - how would you reach the people and spark their excitement? Understanding of how to put this tool to a clever use is a must.

  • Community. You can’t run an event without people. In the end, it’s all about the people, right? Our Event Manager will have a strategic role in growing our community, both, inside the house as well as around it. PS. Estonian and English are a must, any other language is a plus!

We’D LOVE you to:

  • Take initiative. Not only to pick up the potential of current events but also to launch new projects. Can you spot trends and act fast? Can you find necessary key-players to be your “partners in crime”?

  • Keep up with the startup scene. You know who is who in the local startup community and what’s happening. It comes in extremely handy when searching for opportunities of cooperation and making the stars align.

  • See the bigger picture above our community events and public events. What value can we offer to our own “in-house” community? And how can we position ourselves as the central point of the Estonian startup ecosystem?

  • Have an eye for details. You need to think through all the processes and not be shy of checking twice to keep everything under control.

  • Keep calm and carry on. Yes, startup world can get hectic (it’s partly why we love it!). It’s a useful skill to always keep half a mind on the “why” of it all and to think twice before over-reacting.

  • Gather feedback and analyze results to make our events the very best in Estonia (and beyond - in our niche, it’s definitely achievable).

  • Collect the empty bottles if needed. No big deal.

  • Passion. For events. And people. Our perfect event manager would find joy in the small talk during networking sessions, as well as from the show they can orchestrate on the stage

  • Dogs. We love dogs.

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About Lift99

LIFT99 is an exclusive community connecting A+ founders across the world. Our community includes members with founder mentality, experienced entrepreneurs, and passionate creators across all fields sharing common values of challenging the norm, giving back and staying curious.

LIFT99 is an international company with the HQ in Tallinn, Estonia.


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