RocketFuel is a €1000 scholarship to bring more bright minds into the world of  IT and startups

If you’re a curious person excited about moving into the startup world (in any career path imaginable!) but don’t have the money to learn the required skills, apply now!


the winners


We've chosen five lucky winners of the RocketFuel scholarship - 19 more to go! Apply now.

First Rocketfuel Ukraine winners receiving their scholarship checks from Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid in Kyiv.

Winner submission videos


Anzhela Rudenko, Ukraine

Fredy Ait, Estonia


Andrew Klevtsov, Estonia

Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky, Ukraine




Shoot a video

At the moment, RocketFuel scholarship is open for Estonian and Ukrainian residents in the age of 13-100. Submit an application and shoot an up to 3-minute video about how you will make an impact. This part is mandatory - we really want to see who you are!


Get selected

Each Impact Maker picks from the list of applicants who they wish to support with their RocketFuel scholarship of €1000. There's no set evaluation criteria. Just speak your true voice and make your application rock!


Pick the best courses

RocketFuel scholarship covers the cost of your courses. Choose the best courses in the world-class online universities and we will sponsor them!


Get educated & mentored

To stay on track, we expect you to share a monthly overview of your learning progress with your Impact Maker. Your Impact Maker will mentor you twice for a 1-hour session during the course of your studies.



Impact makers

Impact Makers are experienced founders and creators who believe in investing their personal funds towards individual growth and education. They know that a rich pool of ideas and more opportunities create a stronger ecosystem. They are a part of the change they wish to see in the world!



Co-founder & CEO of Testlio
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

A scholarship program like RocketFuel can have an immediate impact on someone’s life, giving them a chance to further their education and go after their dreams. I firmly believe in the gift of giving back.


Co-founder & CEO of LIFT99
5 X RocketFuel Scholarship

It is NEVER LATE to turn a totally new page in your life & join the startup movement! You are just a few steps away from your future!


MaRTIN Villig

Co-founder of Taxify
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

KAarel Kotkas

Co-founder & CEO of Veriff
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Martin Henk

Co-founder of Pipedrive
2 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Erik Mell

Co-founder & CEO of LeapIN
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship


Mihkel Raag

Business Development at Veriff
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Andrus Purde

Co-founder of Outfunnel
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Gerry Kodres

United Angels VC Founding Partner
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Riivo Anton

United Angels VC Founding Partner
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship


Susanna Quinn

Product owner at Juno
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Brendan Quinn

Managing Director at IPTC
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Markus Villig

Co-founder & CEO at Taxify
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Max Ischenko

Founder of
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship


Oliver Leisalu

CTO at Taxify
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Märt Lume

Product & Biz dev at Operose
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Tytus Michlaski

Co-founder & Managing Partner of Fresco Capital
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship

Adam Omar Shanti

Founder, Al-Shanti Holding (and Venture Partner, Fresco Capital)
1 X RocketFuel Scholarship


"Money should never stop a dedicated person from learning new skills.

This is the perfect platform that brings together those who want to learn programming and those who want to help them achieve that. Had this platform existed when I started programming, I would have applied a gazillion times."

- Kaarel Reinvars (17), SafeSack co-founder


 in the media


“RocketFuel – стипендия, где основатели Taxify, Pipedrive, Testlio и других успешных компаний предоставляют 1000 € и свое менторство каждому, у кого есть идея/проект/цель и …”

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“The Estonian-founded RocketFuel Scholarship, worth €1,000, helps those who want to learn some 21st century skills all by themselves, taking advantage of the multitude of online resources out there.”

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Suggested platforms

These are just a few of the educational platforms trusted by the LIFT99 community. The applicant is not limited to the suggested platforms and is welcome to choose their own source for learning. 



Huge thanks to the PandaDoc co-founder Mikita Mikado who was the inspiration behind this idea and the original creator of this framework. In 2018 July Mikita started the #войтивайти initiative and has been giving out stipends to curious and passionate individuals across Belarus. Mikita rocks!