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F2F is an intelligent platform for startup founders to enforce
business & personal growth.  

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Browse global experienced startup founders


Get the advice you need, when you need it


Help the community grow unique expertise


Create and receive valuable intros across borders


Effortless set-up.
Intelligent match-making. 

F2F is effortless to set up — after your personal validation interview your profile is pre-filled and ready to claim.

In addition to the interview data, we are using behavioral data, relevant skills, feedback and patterns to predict the right matches for founders in order to create more startup success stories.


Companies represented

Targeted advice. Precise, fast and for free.

Founders to Founders community is built on the essential mentality of giving back. It’s a platform for startup founders to share and receive unique experiences and mentorship, completely free.

It’s the best way to find out about the things Google can’t help you with. A founder is only as good as their ability to solve unique challenges, fast. The best back-up is a great network.

To keep conversations focused, we currently have 250+ experienced founders sharing their own expertise, based on their listed skills and interests.


 Recently joined


Simon Janicki
HCM Deck
Krakow, Poland


Lisa Voronkova
Emotion Labs
Kyiv, Ukraine


Alexandr Kim
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Martin Tajur
Tallinn, Estonia


Alexander Khuda
Austin, US /
Kyiv, Ukraine


Carlos Paniagua
Tartu, Estonia

Professional growth.
Endless resources.

We know founders inside out. We also know some topics can only be shared from founders to founders. On F2F platform you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had and make connections you didn’t even know you needed.

Grow your knowledge by tapping into the endless bank of actionable skills and experiences from founders across the world. 


Founders only.

F2F is a trusted network of selected founders. Each founder goes through an initial screening phase followed by a personal interview to be accepted to join the F2F platform.

All founders eligible to join F2F must have a scalable product with proven traction and/or initial funding. To enable full transparency between founders, investors and non-founders are not invited to join the platform.


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“With smart and highly precise matches within the platform, we can have the maximum impact with minimum effort.”

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“Will transform the way startup entrepreneurs share their expertise and learn.”

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“A software that can imitate the quality of match-making a VC could achieve, without the limitations of one’s personal network.”

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F2F events 


F2F hosts quarterly events for selected founders in Europe’s hottest rising startup cities.


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