LIFT99 Tallinn is the home of Estonian startup culture

The flagship of Estonian vibrant startup community in the trendiest location in Tallinn, LIFT99 hosts some of the highest quality event series and is the go-to place for founders to maintain deep engagement with the local (and international) tech community.


We're much more than a workspace.

LIFT99 Tallinn is a manifestation of what we value in work - giving back, endless curiosity & an inspirational, hassle-free environment. So you can feel like home without distractions.


International community


Printing service


24/7 access


Cleaning service


Top-notch events


Coffee, tea, water


Height-adjustable desks & ergonomic chairs


5-star tech for your presentations


Unshakeable WiFi


Meeting rooms


Inspiring atmosphere


VR room

ycombinator-yc-logo-gustaf-alstromer-lift99-tallinn-entrepreneurs, estonian-mafia.png
I visited LIFT99 during the Y Combinator World Tour in the fall of 2017 and it was a truly awesome experience - can’t wait to come back. On our world tour Estonia came across as one of the most advanced technical countries I’ve ever visited and LIFT99 is where a lot of the new entrepreneurship revolves around.

The LIFT99 team is incredibly helpful and helped organize the event and office hours over a weekend. They also get their supply of baked goods from a local bakery run by a Syrian refugee family.
— Gustaf Alströmer, Partner at Y Combinator

We are kind and we really care. We have unshakeable belief in every single one of our members and we work hard to provide them the best value possible.

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