We are living our dream.

Each day every single one of us reaches a bit further to continuously improve LIFT99.
We are founders ourselves, and we certainly know the hustle. That's why helping other founders to connect, grow, and skyrocket ideas gives us immense motivation.

P.S. We love dogs. Just saying.


LIFT99 Tallinn


Krislin Raik

(+372) 517 4093

Krislin loves to visualize about future and sometimes the only solution to get her head clear is to turn those visions into reality. She has a creative mind that often gets inspired by people, the main reason why she’s obtaining a degree in psychology. Amongst other interests, she’s most passionate about theatre and nature. She's the force behind the coziness in LIFT99 community and is always on top of everything. She just doesn't get things done - she gets them done really well!


Elina Kaarneem

Office Manager
(+372) 5648 0894

Elina is competitive by nature. She’s a multiple times Estonian and Finnish Champion in jetski racing and sports ranging from snowboarding to motocross are not foreign to her. She’s a get-things-done type of person with a little bit of crazy and fun added to the mix. The word impossible does not exist in her vocabulary - after all it does say I’m possible. But her tough nature melts when dogs are around - she's an absolute dog lover from day one.


Karina Univer

Event & Team Lead
(+372) 5814 3411

Karina has planned so many hackathons it's hard to count. Devoted to startups and tech, she is working every day to lift Estonian startups off the ground by providing them exciting events, inspirational environment and an almighty community. Her corporate career in Swedbank pivoted when she fell in love with the startup culture, and she has never looked back. In addition to that we dare you to challenge her on basketball court.


LIFT99 International


Elise Sass


Elise knows the ins and outs of startups. She's a founding member of Estonia's first startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys and has led Microsoft's Central Eastern European team to drive the cooperation between corporate and startup world. Elise runs Garage48 hackathons, mentors startups, does pitch training and is a loving mother. How she manages all that - we don't know. She must have superpowers.


Ragnar Sass

CEO & Founder

Ragnar is a serial founder and co-founded one of Estonia's flagship company Pipedrive. He's been through the bad and good sides of startup life, has an expansive network of A+ investors and advisors, and extensive experience in fundraising and finding the right people at the right time. He's known for his crazy ideas that become a reality through determined execution.