We are living our dream.

Each day every single one of us reaches a bit further to continuously improve LIFT99.
We are founders ourselves, and we certainly know the hustle. That's why helping other founders to connect, grow, and skyrocket ideas gives us immense motivation.

P.S. We love dogs. Just saying.




Krislin Raik

Event and Community Manager
(+372) 517 4093

Krislin loves to visualize about future and sometimes the only solution to get her head clear is to turn those visions into reality. That definitely includes the events she brings to life in LIFT99. She has a creative mind that often gets inspired by people - frankly, it’s no surprise she pursued a degree in psychology. With the wit, warmth and helpfulness of Krislin, our community is in the best of hands. She’s the most passionate about theatre and nature.


Elina Kaarneem

Office Manager and Team Lead
(+372) 5648 0894

Elina is competitive by nature. She’s a multiple times Estonian and Finnish Champion in jetski racing and sports ranging from snowboarding to motocross are not foreign to her. She’s a get-things-done type of person with a little bit of crazy and fun added to the mix. The word impossible does not exist in her vocabulary - after all it does say I’m possible. But her tough nature melts when dogs are around - she's an absolute dog lover from day one.



Office Assistant
+(372) 507 7545

Marie is the newest member of our Tallinn team, yet already the sunshine of the place. She makes people smile. She makes things make sense. She's the force behind the coziness in LIFT99.





Campaign Master

Paula is a Berliner at heart and has been cruizing with her bicyle in the vibrant capital of Germany for the past years, coming up with brilliantly crazy ideas for an unforgettable company called Einhorn (Google it, we dare you). It was all flipped upside down when we introduced her to the crazy plan of opening up a LIFT99 Hub in Kyiv. She’s now the main mastermind in bringing this dream to life and we are in awe of how elegantly she mixes strategic execution with her creative genius.



Community Manager

Mykyta is a natural people’s person, in the centre of every group gathering. Thus, making the perfect suspect for our hunt for a Community Manager for the LIFT99 Kyiv Hub. Born in Ukraine, he has lived the last few years in Estonia to get his degree in Business Admin and run projects in the startup world as well as outside of it. His passion project within the LIFT99 team is the Rocketfuel Scholarship, so he makes sure the next generation of startupers in Ukraine and Estonia get a solid headstart.




Karina Univer

Head of Partner Relations
(+372) 5814 3411

Devoted to startups and tech, Karina has planned so many hackathons it's hard to count. With her impressive network and knowledge of the field, she keeps bringing LIFT99 to new heights. Some have even called her the brand evangelist. Her corporate career in Swedbank pivoted when she fell in love with the startup culture, and she has never looked back. PS. We dare you to challenge her on the basketball court.

Ragnar Sass

CEO & Founder

Ragnar is a serial entrepreneur and the visionary of the team. He’s among the founders of Pipedrive, one of the best CRM tools in the world. He's been through the bad and good sides of startup life, has an expansive network of A+ investors and advisors, and extensive experience in fundraising and finding the right people at the right time. He's known for his crazy ideas that have become a reality through determined execution.


Elise Sass


Elise knows the ins and outs of startups. She's a founding member of Estonia's first startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys and has led Microsoft's Central Eastern European team to drive the cooperation between corporate and startup world. Elise runs Garage48 hackathons, mentors startups, does pitch training and is a loving mother. How she manages all that - we don't know. She must have superpowers.



Head of Marketing
(+372) 55 664 064

Kadri is a creative marketer and a word wizard. Throw any problem at her and she dives into it with the x-ray vision of a semiotician (yes, she has a degree in it!) and the determination of a startupreneur. As any modern marketer, she loves the challenge of learning, growing, and trying out new things. She truly believes life is all about the stories we tell - so there’s no need to take any of it too seriously. She can frequently be spotted in a pink unicorn onesie. 




Operations Manager

It often happens that Eili saves the day with the best advice. With a Master’s degree in Law she is unstoppable regarding grants, contracts, agreements and any crazy paperwork juggled at our way. But besides that she has a heart of gold and a secret superpower of saying things with empathy and perception. She hasn’t been in the startup world for long but we have all our hopes up that she’s here to stay.








Elar is a full-stack engineer with 12+ years of experience. He has worked for different start-ups during his whole professional career and wouldn't change start-up life for anything. Elar was also the first employee of Estonian flagship startup Pipedrive. If he's not working then he's probably playing piano, writing music or hiking in the endless forests of Estonia.



Full Stack Developer

When we asked Ülar what does he do, he said it’s easier to explain what he doesn’t do. As a Full Stack Dev in a small team, he carries a wide range of responsibilities and competencies. In a past life, Ülar drove trucks but 6 years ago he submerged into the world of code and hasn’t resurfaced since. Ülar has a remarkable eye for detail. His instagram account is a captivating proof of that, filled with patiently captured everyday marvels the rest of us are too busy to notice.



Full Stack Developer

It might seem that Rodion has the profile of a typical developer - he’s been working on web solutions for half a decade and has been a tech geek for 20 years now. But once you get him talking, he’s simply filled with surprises! Like, he holds two Bachelor’s Degrees and has lived in Finland and Saint Petersburg to obtain them. Or, just a month after joining the LIFT99 team he ended up in charge of organizing the Christmas party for everyone. Go figure.



Chief Product Manager

Anneli joined Skype as a tester, back when startup wasn't yet a trendy word. Poof! Fast forward 10 years and 5 diffferent job titles, she’s their program manager and a team lead. Anneli knows how products are made, inside and out, and what it takes from the team to deliver. In LIFT99, she’s still wearing all those hats she’s picked up over the years, from testing, to planning, to executing. When she takes them off, it's only to get on wheels - one can imagine how many hours it takes to bicycle 6500km in a year. But Anneli doesn’t have to imagine, she knows exactly!


Chief Architecht, Researcher and Data Scientist

Sven might just be the most analytical guy you’ll ever meet. Impressively, he has over a decade of experience in mobile application research and engineering. His brain has been picked in the development of countless startups as he’s a highly valued mentor in local and international hackathons. If that wasn’t enough, one of his strengths is standing for exceptional leadership and team culture - he makes sure everyone feels included and valued. In his free time, he travels (mountain slopes are escpecially appealing) and devours audiobooks.

kai pic.jpg


Founder Community Manager

Estonian startup community wouldn’t be the same without Kai. Ove the years, she’s done it all, from organizing hackathons and moderating startup conferences to throwing together the biggest summerdays #EstonianMafia family has ever experienced (it happened on an island, and it was epic!). She is constantly curious about exploring the depths of what it means to be a better human being. She travels to crazy places, thinks outside of the box, and is your usual suspect when one needs a partner in crime that doesn’t back away from anything.