Hey, Founder!

The new version of the F2F app is live! Here's what's new, besides some general improvements and bug fixes:


Search Filters

— yes! You can now use filters like “Company Stage” or “Total Funding” to find the most relevant founders and reach out to them with your specific questions

screen 2.png

Meeting Reminders

inside conversations – you can now set up the time and place for a meeting and have a reminder for it inside the conversation, plus you'll get a notification one hour before the event

Improved Intro Functionality

The introduction will now open directly in a chat, including a comment by the intro maker

screen 3.png

LIFT99 Badges

We’ve added the LIFT99 logo on the profile photos of our team members, so you can easily spot them to ask for help/suggestions or to give us feedback on the app

Now, update the app and give it a try yourself.