We’re building the founder ecosystem across CEE & the world. 

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Lift99 Tallinn Hub

The flagship of Estonian vibrant startup community - the go-to place for founders in Tallinn.

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Kyiv Hub

Kyiv's hottest startup community and co-working space, putting Ukraine on the global startup map.

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SALTO Network

Are you a founder? Get ahead, grow your startup - our founder network can answer questions Google can’t.

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Hottest startup events. Great content curating fresh insight from the market. Paving way for startups to succeed.

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We are advising and investing in promising founders that are part of our community, within the hub and out.

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"Founders have unique personal experiences about success & failure. Everything we do is focused on making each founder reach higher, faster and with the biggest impact possible. We're founders ourselves, so we know the hustle."

— Ragnar Sass, Founder & CEO of LIFT99



We have currently two co-growing spaces in the fastest growing talent cities of CEE.


Tallinn Hub

LIFT99 Tallinn Hub is the flagship of Estonian Startup Community and the go-to place for founders. Home of the #EstonianMafia. We are located in the trendiest area - the Telliskivi Creative City, and host the hottest startup events weekly.

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Kyiv Hub

LIFT99 Kyiv Hub is at the new and hot location for 300 passionate individuals, in the heart of Kyiv. We are hosting weekly events, mostly for the startup sector, and we’re housing the most collaborative community of startup-minded people in Kyiv.



Salto. A startup to take startups to the stars

The world is full of founders. Some are in the Valley. Most are scattered across the world. All of them are struggling to take their next big step. Or even a leap.

If you're a founder, you've just found your best hack to get ahead, fast! Salto app connects and supports passionate founders, focusing on the up and coming startup scenes. Because a great startup can be born and raised anywhere!


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“A scalable, community-centric business model that supports entrepreneurs, and offers members of the community unique on-demand value.”

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“We wish to help the next generation of startup entrepreneurs succeed by tapping into that knowledge pool, no matter where their businesses are located in the world.”

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LIFT99 is the central hub for local & international startup events, focusing on real value & bringing the community together. We've also launched two event series of our own:

LIFTOFF LIVE - A monthly event series in a fireside-chat style for the startup commmunity. LIFTOFF events are open to the public, in both LIFT99 Hubs.

SALTO LIVE - A quarterly event series, travelling across CEE countries. Invite-only, tackling the deep challenges of the founders within our network.


Portfolio companies


We’re advising & investing in young promising founders that are part of our community. 


"LIFT99 does an amazing job of leading the #EstonianMafia family and educating the new breed of startup entrepreneurs in Estonia and around the world."

— Kaarel Kotkas, Founder & CEO of Veriff


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