House rules

LIFT99 brings together motivated, startup-minded, hardworking, and fun people, and all that is underpinned by our core set of values.

Please read “House rules” below. Or have someone perform a rap song with its contents. You need to know that stuff, there’s no getting out of it.


Hard rules

  • Only Dedicated Members can work at a designated work station.

  • Please meet non-members (clients, partners, other team members etc.) at LIFT99 open areas (kitchen and event space if available), phone booths, meeting rooms (pre-booking needed) or use the amazing choice of cafes nearby.

  • As an individual, you are allowed to use meeting rooms up to 6h a week.
    As a team, every extra person ads 0.5h per week. Pre-booking is needed via “Getaroomapp”.
    Over-hours are with the additional fee and have to be negotiated beforehand with the management.

  • You are not allowed to share door card and security code with anyone else. Violating this rule will lead to contract termination and/or door card closing.

  • If you have a scheduled Skype call coming up or have to answer a (loud) phone call, please use phone booths.

  • The last one to leave LIFT99, checks that all the lights are out, windows are closed and the alarm is set. And you lock up

  • You will represent and warrant that you or the company has all requisite legal power and authority to enter into and abide by this House Rules and no further authorization or approval is necessary

Do not's

  • You shall not damage or deface LIFT99 or its fixtures, fittings, decor and furnishings

  • Please don’t break the web, servers, devices or passwords or do other mean things

  • Don’t spam others

  • Don’t steal stuff (that includes torrents!)

  • Avoid downloading stuff you wouldn’t want your mother to see

  • Avoid downloading or sending stuff that could break the Internet, or someone’s devices or property

  • Don’t be a jerk to others, respect their right to privacy and publicity

  • No datamining!

  • Don’t create a false identity to confuse others

  • Don’t play with matches. Or lighters, gas, wirings or leave the window open when you leave

  • Don’t lend your door card to others


General guidelines


In using the facilities of LIFT99 we expect the people who work with us to behave in a way that is congruent with those values, specifically:

  • Respect the space. Leave it as you find it. If you moved things around then return them to their original location and please tidy up after yourself

  • Respect the people around you and embrace differences. One of the great things about co-working is it draws in a variety of people, enjoy and respect the difference

  • We expect you to observe the quiet enjoyment and normal use of LIFT99 at all times

  • Give back the equivalent of what you take out. If you ate fruits from the kitchen table; occasionally contribute with some cake, if you can’t afford to buy it, make good in kind

  • LIFT99 is a co-working space, so you will collaborate where possible, and be prepared to draw on the help or support of others whilst respecting their right to get their own work done

  • Spread the word to like-minded people. Because maybe they have no idea?

  • Be kind. Give and receive. Ask for help and lend an idea to those in need. The more insights, ideas and thoughts the merrier

  • Be responsible to LIFT99 and its contents and devices at all times. Like a normal person would

Last but not least

  • you are allowed to bring your child and/or pet to LIFT99, but when you do so, please make sure that they will not disturb other LIFT99 residents and be aware that they are on your sole responsibility. Unattended children will be given double espressos and a free puppy

  • Be secure! As a resident, you are not required, but it is strongly suggested to carry a Insurance policy, to cover your own equipment while using our space. That policy may cover your phone if it might drop.

If the resident fails to comply with the House Rules, LIFT99 reserves the right to terminate the participation and contract immediately and without previous warning.


As a LIFT99 member you agree to have read, understood and accepted the full House Rules from the website of LIFT99.

* Please notify that House Rules is integral part of LIFT99 membership contract.